Operations Supervisor

Job description

Day-to-day operations of the booking section

  • Ensure that bookings are confirmed or responded within the deadline, with the best achievable conditions
  • Oversee pre-booking/booking processes with suppliers according to the preference of the respective source markets
  • Keep a tight relation and a continuous communication with our sales offices and our purchasing force / each of the destination manager
  • Report and deal with hotel complaints and problems in conjunction with purchasing managers
  • Emergency duty

    Revenue management & development
  • Maintain comprehensive efficient processing of bookings (for the portion done in the team)
  • Support the purchasing managers to obtain additional override commission deals with key suppliers
  • Maintain a high on-budget confirmation ratio, increase revenue performance
  • Identify upcoming deficiencies and support improvement through proposals

    Team management
  • Support hiring process of suitable staff in coordination with HR Manager/destination manager as well as the training of new staff
  • Supervise workload and working time control
  • In charge of the general communication with the team in a professional and effective way - organising regular meetings, etc.
  • Organise the vacation planning of the staff and a back-up system within the department
  • Report the direct Manager in charge and HR Manager with any HR issue - e.g. resignation of staff, salary matters, release of staff
  • Representing the company whenever needed, in the form of meeting with hotels, dinners/lunches, accompany clients on study tours, hotel visits etc.

Job requirements

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Solid computer skills (Internet Browser)
  • Experience in tourism, travel industry
  • Solid leadership skills
  • English and Japanese language skills, both oral and written
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Precise, proactive personality
  • Good time management skills, especially during high season
  • Meeting deadlines