Hotel Data Coordinator

Job description

Main tasks are:

  • Receiving the hotel contracts
  • Room rate insertion to our internal systems
  • Allocation insertion to our internal systems
  • Promotion and last - minute rate insertion to our internal systems
  • Continuous daily communication in writing with Procurement
  • Cross-check for accuracy
  • Hotel Close out dates check in our systems
  • Hotel information check
  • Follow up the renovation status according to the received information and update in our systems
  • General information, fact and photo collection from the hotels, updating our systems in case of necessity
  • Weekly report to managers about the process


  • Work within and follow clear, well established procedures
  • Consistently meet deadlines with regards the turnaround of tasks
  • Communication within Data department team members, sharing correct information and proceeding the same way as a centralized unit
  • Using many different ways and platforms of rate checking and understanding the complexity and connection between the systems (who is using which system and with what purpose)
  • To understand the work path and logic of the systems
  • The role will require significant attention to detail and the ability to consistently meet the company's KPI

Job requirements

  • Excellent English language skills both oral and written.
  • Excellent Excel user level
  • Precise, attentive, reliable attitude
  • Responds effectively under stressful situations
  • Patient and able to work with high monotony tolerance
  • Independently driven to learn new applications, technologies, and skills
  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Self-motivated, fast learner who thrives in a fast paced, target led environment
  • Self-sufficient and able to work unsupervised when required
  • Excellent organizational, time management and quality-control abilities